Thank you for attending the 2023 New Journeys Virtual Gathering

New Journeys Virtual Gathering

took place from April 25th and May 2nd, 2023
8:30am to 12:00pm

Two Days of Community Education
in Early Intervention

About the Conference

Thank you for your attending the 2023 New Journeys Virtual Gathering! The event focused on early identification and intervention of psychosis and was held over two days, on April 25th and May 2nd, 2023 from 8:30am to 12:00pm each day. Recordings of the sessions held at this event are available for viewing by logging into the New Journeys Virtual Gathering Platform.

About New Journeys

Psychosis refers to a cluster of symptoms that impact an individual’s perception of reality and interferes with their daily functioning. These experiences are more common than many people realize. Each year, it is estimated that more than 2,000 youth and young adults in Washington experience a first episode of psychosis. The longer psychosis goes untreated, the more severe and chronic a person’s symptoms may become.

New Journeys is a person-centered evidence-based treatment model for individuals experiencing a first-episode of psychosis. New Journeys is Washington state’s Coordinated Specialty Care model for the early intervention of psychosis. The model was launched in 2015 and has since expanded across the state with many more teams being implemented every year.

We hope you will join us to learn more about what psychosis is, how to identify it, and how to best support individuals who are experiencing symptoms of psychosis including information about New Journeys. We invite you all to join us to hear stories of hope and make connections with others who are a part of this statewide community.